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JBK5 transformer control machine tools



Use:BK5 series machine tool control transformers is the latest company introducing foreign transformer series, in the domestic machine tool control transformers JBK3 series based on the result of many years of further foreign similar products, and preferred methods of foreign advanced terminals structure terminal combined with the skeleton , protective rating to IP2LX, to prevent accidental touching circuit. The use of IT Cold terminals, connection mode can enhance the intensity of the wiring.
    Following 800VA transformer, 1000VA and 1600VA vertical structure link between silicon and silicon steel, silicon steel sheet and plate connection between the welding process used to form a whole, simple to understand. In particular, the first floor molding, installed with the form factor is more accurate than JBK3 series, and the use of high-quality anti-corrosion alloy materials, greatly improving the reliability of grounding performance, and comprehensively improve the quality of the product, the product complies with VDE0550, IEC204-1, IEC439, GB5226 and other relevant international, national standards, and won the European Community "CE" certification, can be used interchangeably with the foreign products. This series applies to the exchange of 50-60HZ, input voltage less than 220V, input rated voltage not exceeding 500V, as various sectors of mechanical equipment, general electrical power and control, signal power purposes.

 Product specifications        (Unit):mm

JBK5 transformer control machine tools

1. Product Dimensions are for reference only, for special products, product size would be changed. 
2. The table of input and output voltage, according to the design requirements for the production of any combination. 
3. Not listed in the specifications of size, can be determined through consultation in accordance with user requirements.
4.The wining capaity according to user require manufacturers.

Technical parameter    (For reference only) 

JBK5 transformer control machine tools

 Outline and installation size
JBK5 transformer control machine tools
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